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Microgreens are one of the most amazing fresh vegetables available year round. Microgreens are small but mighty. They are packed with so many nutrients and vitamins, it really is unbelievable. Microgreens are a healthy addition to your daily diet no matter what. Our microgreens are grown indoors and are available during all four seasons. A little goes a long way. The vibrant color is always a crowd pleasure as well.

With having so many choices, you really can incorporate them into every meal no matter what. Using them in a salad, topping your sandwich, adding flavor to homemade stocks, to garnishing your eggs for breakfast to name a few. Microgreens have an amazing taste. You would be surprised how microgreens don’t taste like the full grown vegetable. 


Fresh & Healthy

100% Organic

All products are available through subscription at farmers markets and events and through local pickup in Middleboro, MA. 


Extra vitamins, nutrients, locally sourced, available year round. They are grown fresh with OMRI-Listed soil and non-GMO heirloom quality seeds. 
Some of the microgreens we currently offer are: 

Organic Baked Goods

Our baked goods are all organic, made with a short ingredient list, no preservatives or added chemicals. We never freeze and sell! 

We offer organic Tea Breads:

Cookies & Sweet Treats

All cookies & treats are made as clean as possible with the least amount of ingredients to ensure quality. 

Locally Sourced Curated Items

All products are local partnerships that are available as add-ons to biweekly subscriptions and also available at all events. 

“I love Tateo Organics microgreens, I eat them every morning with my eggs & cottage cheese! I just bought some honey and I use it in my tea. I loved everything so much my favorite day of every other week is the day we get our subscription delivery”

Beth & Joe of Wrentham, MA

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