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Our top sellers Radish, Broccoli, and Kale, Sun Flower,  Daikon Radish, Salad Mix, and more!

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Baking with the freshest most natural ingredients, from my kitchen to yours!



Our Story

Creating a Year-Round vegetable source and sharing it with friends and family


Microgreens have become a passion of mine over the last few years. Right before the pandemic changed everyone’s lives, my husband and I really evaluated what we were putting in our body. We have always loved growing fresh, organic vegetables during the summer months, but hated having to go back to grocery store food that during the off seasons, especially living in Massachusetts. The solution to this problem was microgreens, as we could grow these year round. This was a great solution to helping with our clean eating lifestyle that we had started. I was able to really dive into the growing process when I was not working during the height of the pandemic. I have really grown to love growing and cooking with microgreens ever since, and I look forward to sharing that passion with you!


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